I know I say this all the time…but I seriously have the best couples. This weekend Heath and I traveled to SW Kansas for Amanda  and Nate’s engagement session in and around Meade. We had the session on the calendar for a couple months and as it got closer, Amanda and I both had been watching the weather closely. Saturday was supposed to be nearly 80 degrees, sunny and windy. I wasn’t too worried because SW Kansas is always windy but this took windy to a new level. We were dodging tumble weeds on the highway and semi trucks were precariously leaning as they drove. This was Dust Bowl 2012 windy. Luckily our first location was at the Dalton Gang Hideout and it was in a low area surrounded by trees…wind wasn’t a problem there. Just before we were to leave for our second location, we noticed that the sunshine was going away and we looked up to see the dust blocking out the sun. Crazy. On our way out to Meade Lake it started raining mud which wasn’t ideal since we were going to get some photos with Nate’s white truck. We decided to call the rest of the session and meet back there at 8:00 the next morning.

Over night the temperature dropped 50 degrees and the wind was no slouch at 25 mph (dropping from 35 mph the day before). Poor Amanda and Nate, in their short sleeved outfits, had to bear an hour of shooting in 30 degrees (12 degrees with the wind chill) when the evening before it was 80 degrees. We ran back into the vehicles every 10-15 minutes to warm them back up between shooting. Needless to say, Mother Nature wasn’t exactly on our side but in the end none of it mattered. Amanda and Nate were seriously a joy to work with. They were so flexible and had such great attitudes during the whole session and with that we were able to get some amazing shots. I don’t know how I get so lucky to attract such genuine couples! Here are a few of my favorite shots from our whirl wind session!

Day 1

Day 2



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