Whoa…what a year! My business went from busy to crazy busy in, what feels like to me, a very short amount of time. My husband/second shooter has been super amazing this year. I always knew that I loved working with him, but he has worked over time this year to keep me focused and the business aspect of Picturesque running smoothly. I know I say this all the time, but I seriously couldn’t do this without him.

When I first started thinking about my year-end blog post, I had a great idea to do the “top 11 photos of 2011”. Sounds flashy, right? As I started looking through all of my shoots this year, I quickly realized that I would never be able to choose just 11 photos. Each photo on this post was chosen for a little different reason…some I had a specific emotional connection to for one reason or another and some I just thought were great/fun photos, but all are amazing to me. So here we go…the Best of 2011 awaits you 🙂


Weddings | Engagements | Bridals

About mid-year, I started packing on engagement shoots for all of my 2012 brides/grooms…so expect to see plenty more of them in the new year. One thing is realized this year is that I adore weddings. There is something amazing about being an integral part of the best day of someone’s life. Weddings, engagements and bridals will be a huge part of 2012 for Picturesque.


In 2011, I started dabbling in modeling sessions. It’s a lot of fun but also a little bit of pressure to perform at my best. For models, this isn’t just a fun shoot, their livelihood depends on how good their photos are because they will book or not books jobs based on them. It’s a good thing I like a challenge 🙂 Some of these photos are actual composite card shoots and some are themed shoots that I set up with my trusty hair and makeup team (Kate Burke and Mikala Ewald).


Families | Kids | Babies

I <3 my families. I love watching the dynamic of  how each person interacts (yep, I’m a people watcher). As you all know from my Facebook, I’m going to stop doing full family sessions in the Spring and Summer to make way for the many weddings that I have booked. Instead, I’ll be doing mini sessions periodically. This makes me a little bit sad but I’m still excited for the mini sessions!


I had a great group of 2011 Seniors this year! I really love shoots with one person, where I can focus on bringing out their specific personality. It was so hard to pick out the “best” in this category…I love them all!

And here’s one bonus photo because I had too much fun shooting the 2011 Tulsa Fireworks Show 🙂



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