I just love engagement sessions and bridals! Engagements give me a chance to get to know the couple and they become familiarized with me and my shooting style. It’s kind of funny because at the wedding, a lot of times the couples start posing themselves because they already know what I want! Bridals are a great time to get amazing portraits without the stress of the wedding day. I think photographing someone is very personal…it’s hard being in front of a camera! I feel like that is why I become so attached to every couple I shoot. I can honestly say that every one of these people have a special place in my heart!

Brides of Oklahoma Editorial

So this isn’t technically an engagement or bridal session but it is wedding related. In January 2013, my very first editorial was published in Brides of Oklahoma Magazine. I was busting at the seams, crazy excited to see it! They invited me into shoot the Cakes of A Pattern spread. First of all, these cake designers…amazing. The magazine literally gave them a paper pattern and they used it as inspiration for their design. We have some talented vendors in this state! The ladies at the magazine are great to work with and did a fantastic job on the final product! This week, the next issued will be unveiled along with my next editorial…so stay tuned!

Kristen + Beau

This engagement particularly sticks out in my head because of the weather. Kristen went to college in Arkansas so she was in town specifically for the shoot…rescheduling wasn’t an option. We ended up sitting in my car for 30 minutes looking at sample albums and chatting, hoping the rain would stop. It ended up clearing up and we had a great session at Camp Loughridge. Kristen and Beau were troopers!

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Downtown Tulsa Bridal

In 2013, I took off the entire month of January from shooting to spend time on my marketing/business. By the first of February, I was absolutely dying to shoot! In a relatively short time, I put together this concept shoot with friends of mine (Model-Kat Kocel, Hair-Amber Wallace, Makeup-Mikala Ewald with Makeup by Mikala). It ended up being published in the popular wedding magazine Smitten as the Fashion Forward Feature! When I do shoots like this, it’s primarily for me to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different techniques. I do this to push myself as a photographer both creatively and technically. It is a great feeling when someone else likes the session too! Thanks to my team for being awesome and to Smitten for publishing!

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Mollie Bridal

Ah, beautiful Mollie! I just love this girl! I get so excited when brides opt to add bridal sessions. This session was fun because we ended up doing the session at a completely different location than the wedding or reception (Dresser Mansion). This way, Mollie has a greater variety of photos to choose from. She ended up getting the one of the left printed as a canvas gallery wrap. It was fun spending time with her and her sister, Abbie, who came to help!

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Elizabeth + Jonathan

This was my first engagement session at the outdoor studio and this was the perfect couple to try it out. These two are so in love that it was infectious being around them! We tried out many different area around the 16 acres and I even set up a little scene for a few photos!

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Kristin Bridal

A week later, I tried out the studio for Kristin’s bridal. It’s just not even fair how fun it is to shoot out there! It was typical Oklahoma weather…windy, humid and hot for this session but Kristin did amazing! I loved having her sister and mom there as well!

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Haley Bridal

Just look at those lashes! I could have posted one of the beautiful portraits of this bride but instead I went for a lash shot. Haley’s whole family came for this bridal at Tulsa Garden Center and they are a hoot! Sometimes having a lot of people around can make the subject nervous but Haley’s family made her laugh and relaxed her so much. What a beauty!

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Rachael + Kevin

Some evenings we are blessed with amazing light…Rachael and Kevin’s session was one of those evenings. This might be one of my favorite engagement shots of the year…aren’t they adorable?! I can’t wait for this sweet couple’s wedding next year!

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Kristen + Gary

We shot Kristen and Gary’s session at the Philbrook Museum of Art. If you haven’t been, go now…it’s stunning. And so is this couple! I had so much fun getting to know them on the session! My heart hurt when I had to tell them I wouldn’t be able to shoot the wedding because I am due just a few weeks after that. I will be thinking about you two next May!

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Emily + Andrew

This session was fun for me because I got a bit of a change of scenery. I traveled to Bartlesville to the country club where Andrew’s grandma has been a member for years. I have a fear of being late so I accidentally showed up 45 minutes early to his grandma’s house where they were getting ready. I was a little embarrassed but that soon went away as I sat and chatted with her…she is amazing woman! Once we got out on the golf course, we realized exactly how hot it was that day. Emily and Andrew were troopers though and we got some great shots!

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Kimberly + Jacob

Ah, Kimberly and Jacob! I affectionately refer to them as my hipster couple of 2014. πŸ˜‰ This was one of my favorite sessions of the year because of the variety of shots we got. These two are super sweet and so much fun to be around. Plus, Jacob is from Kansas, my home state! There were so many photos I loved from this session but this was one of my favorites!

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Cassie + Jerek

Cassie and Jerek are my first wedding next Spring and I can’t wait to kick off wedding season with them! They are such a genuine couple and so in love! We went all over downtown and Utica for their session. The last few we took at the location below were my favorite…just look at that light and that stunning couple!

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Katy + Jordan

We went to Katy’s parent’s property outside of Jenks for the engagement photos and can’t wait to travel back there this weekend for the wedding! Katy and Jordan are my first wedding of 2014 and I’ve been itching to shoot! We had an amazingly beautiful day for this session, which is good because we had to reschedule once because of rain. The ironic part is that both of them are meteorology majors!

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Michelle + Tanner

Michelle, my fellow butterfly lover, and Tanner are pretty much the most adorable couple ever. Just look at how they smile around each other. So sweet! I was devastated when I found out I couldn’t shoot the wedding as I am due a few weeks later. I told her that I might just crash it. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, I love these two! I can’t wait to shoot Michelle’s bridal next year though!

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Mandy + Eric

Mandy and Eric were my last engagement of the year and a month later, they were my last wedding too. I traveled to the farm where Eric grew up outside of Columbus, Kansas,Β  for the session. It was so much fun…full of hay bales, tractors and lots of amazing barns. I’m also a sucker for cowboy boots! Sure, I got some of these photos without a cow eating from the bale but I couldn’t resist posting one with him in it. He adds character. πŸ™‚

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Gibbs | Trash the Dress

It’s not often that I find a bride willing to trash her wedding dress but Janee’, as a photographer herself, thought it would be fun. I agreed! She, Matt and their daughter, Alyssa, spent the evening squirting pink paint at each other. It definitely made for some fun photos!

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