I love New Years. It’s a time of year to reflect on what we have accomplished the past year and set goals for the next. I like to compile blog posts of my shoots throughout the year as part of this reflection. My bread and butter are weddings (engagements and bridals) but I always fit in other types of shoots during my off-season to mix things up and grow a a photographer. I generally don’t blog these shoots so this is some of your first looks at these sessions (unless you follow my social media). Enjoy!

Macro Makeup Session

I love my macro lens but I generally use it for detail and ring shots at weddings, and not much else. This was a fun impromptu session with my friend and makeup artist Mikala Ewald with Makeup by Mikala to get to put the lens through it’s paces. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun! I used a beauty dish (check out that crazy catch light) and a reflector. This type of shoot lends itself to a lot of retouching but the results are stunning. Hair (even though you can’t see in this shot) was done by Tasha Lawson and the model was Madison Ewald.

Russell Newborn

I don’t do a lot of newborn sessions but I do make exceptions for past couples. I shot Jennifer and Glenn’s wedding in 2012 and was so excited when she asked me to photograph their little man, Alex. What a doll! The crazy part is that this guy is 9 months old now and Jennifer is expecting her second. It is such a blessing to be able to watch my couples’ families grow!

Holly | Senior 2013

I love senior sessions. This is something I definitely want to shoot more in 2014! We started out downtown for Holly’s session then we headed to my brand new outdoor studio for my very first session on the property. I fell in love immediately! It wasn’t even fair to have all of this beauty to work with (Holly and the studio). Click here to view more photos from the session!

Gabbie | Senior 2013

This was the first time that I met Gabbie, but she ended up becoming my new intern when Rachel left for college. I just love this sweet soul and she has been so much help to me this past year. We ended up doing two sessions so that Gabbie could have some photos with her guitar. Not only is she helpful behind the camera, but she is a natural in front of it! Click here to view more photos from this session!

Click here to view more photos from this session!

Mercer Kiddos

For the past 4 years, my second brother’s kids stay with us for a week each summer. This is the perfect time for Aunt Amanda to get her child photograhy fix. πŸ˜‰ Every year we have a different theme and we chose bubbles this year. I just love these little ones and will be super sad when we won’t be able to keep them this summer…we’ll just have to make next year extra fun!

Star Trails

Every August, the Perseid Meteor Shower pierces the sky and this year Heath and I blew up an air mattress and drove the truck into the meadow to watch. It was one of the best experiences of the year for me…just laying on our backs, counting shooting stars and talking about life. It doesn’t get much better than that! Since we were out there, we decided to set up the tripod for a long exposure. Conditions weren’t ideal as clouds kept creeping into the shot and breaking up the trails….also, as it turns out, I didn’t have the camera set up in the correct direction so I didn’t catch any shooting starts. Oh well. I was determined to get this cool dead tree in the shot and it’s a good thing I did because the long piece broke off only a couple months later. For the technical nerds, we shot continuous 30 second exposures for nearly 2 hours and lit the tree with a flashlight in the last exposure, then combined them with a photoshop plug in.


This lovely lady will always have a special place in my heart as my very first intern. Before she left for college (sniff sniff) I invited her out to the studio for one last photo session. I wanted to try my 200mm as a portrait lens and she was the perfect subject. Click here to view more photos from this session!

Lawrence Adoption Session

Catie is a photographer friend of mine and when she announced they were adopting, I was super excited for them! What better way to prepare for their little one than with a globe themed photo session. So adorable! Styling and props by Peacocks and Peonies. Click here to view more photos from this session!

Doorn Maternity

As with newborns, I don’t do a lot of maternity sessions but I will always make an exception for past couples! I shot Miranda and Jeremy’s wedding in 2012 and couldn’t wait to photograph this special time in their lives as well. Little Olive made her appearance on Christmas Eve and I can’t wait for her newborn session next month! Click here to view more photos from this session!

We’re expecting!

And our big news of the year…Heath and I are expecting our first baby June 2014! While I am taking off June, July and most of August, I look forward to a busy Spring and Fall 2014.

Stay tuned the next few days for my Best of 2013 Engagements/Bridals and Wedding blog posts!



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