Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a proposal! It was honestly one of the coolest moments I have ever been a part of, and as a wedding photographer, that’s saying something. The look on Karen’s face was priceless! So here’s how it went down. About a month ago, Christian contacted me and asked if I would be interested…um, yeah! We shot a few ideas back and forth on how it would work and ended up choosing a Sunday. Why Sunday? Karen would already be dressed up from Church (he even made sure she had her nails done!) and wouldn’t suspect a thing. Christian had been prepping her for weeks saying that he wanted to start going to the park after Church and reading the Bible. Christian is one smart dude! So on a seemingly random Sunday, they headed to the park. She had no idea that Christian and I had met the week before at the same park looking for the perfect spot for the proposal. After they had just gotten settled in on their blanket, I approached them and told them that I was a photographer working on my portfolio and asked if I could take a few photos of them. There was a short, awkward pause in which I was afraid she would say “no” but Christian had it under control. They agreed and we headed to the spot. I start out with a decoy shot having them walk away from me then back towards me. Exhibit A…I think it turned out well considering she was completely not prepared to have her photo taken.

Then I told Karen to close her eyes and asked Christian to go in for the kiss. Instead of kissing her, he dropped down to one knee! You guys, I can’t even tell you how sweet this was! Karen could not believe it!

I love this shot! Christian thinks he did pretty well, haha!

After giving them a few minutes, I explained to Karen that it was no mistake that I was there and asked if I could take a few portraits. Ironically, the first thing I asked her to do was take that gorgeous ring off her finger. Haha. This is a shot on Christian’s Bible with his last name!

I have shot many engagement photos over the years but it’s hard to compete with doing them just minutes after they got engaged. So. Much. Fun!

Karen, you will be a stunning bride!

Congrats, Christian and Karen! Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!



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