Andrew’s grandmother has lived and been a member of the private golf course, Hillcrest Country Club, in Bartlesville for many years. When they suggested doing the engagement session there, I was so excited to change up my scenery a bit. Since I was driving from my new studio/home, I gave myself a bit of a buffer of time…that and it taking less time than the GPS told me, I arrived very early. It was fun to get to have a little time to chat with Andrew’s grandma and the moms before heading out. I love them all! When we scheduled the session, we had thought that it would be a little cooler in September, but we were very wrong. It was hot and humid, but Emily and Andrew were troopers and the moms were amazing bringing us water (very, very appreciated)! I had so much fun with this couple and I can’t wait for the wedding next year!

Emily, you are beautiful!

Go Pokes!

Leave it to me to find the only area with tall grass in a beautifully manicured golf course…



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