This ceremony was extra special as Joy’s dad is a pastor and not only walked her down the aisle, but also performed the ceremony. The whole ceremony was so touching…I started tearing up several times. I just love Joy’s vintage chic style…she’s so crafty that she made most of the decorations herself. I’m so impressed! The reception was held at the pool house just a few feet from the ceremony tree. The vases, flowers and lights made it perfectly intimate. They ended the night with a sparkler exit on their way to Mexico. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your big day, Joy and Ben! It was amazing!


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Love the details! Joy found this antique chandelier and her mother added the jewels and her grandpa wired it so that it lit up. It looked magical all lit up hanging from a tree!


The groomsmen praying for Ben before the ceremony. This was such a great group of guys to work with. They were helpful and kind in every way.

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Low country boil. A fabulous Carolina tradition.

Double rainbow. Enough said.

The ceremony tree just before the reception wrapped up. Heath is the king of long exposures and knocked this one out of the park! 



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