Several months ago, I shamelessly asked my friend, Joy, if she would like to do a couples shoot for me with her boyfriend, Ben. They graciously accepted. She came to me not long after with the idea of using a lot of balloons and I knew the perfect location! I have recently aquired a membership with My Studio downtown and was itching to get my camera in there. The spot we chose was beautifully backlit…the balloons were a perfect pearly white and mint green…the outfits were wonderfully vintage…the couple was perfect! It all came together so well.

I brought in a couple Clary Sage College students for hair and makeup and they did a great job. Joy looked absolutely stunning! We arrived at the studio bright and early at 7:30 a.m. and quickly set to work. My husband blew up nearly 100 balloons (some with a helium tank and some manually)! What. A. Man. I could not have done it without him. I had an amazing time this morning…I get really excited about shoots like this…ok, about shoots in general. Here are a few of the best shots!

Models | Joy Gooch and Ben Hamilton

Hair | Nora Frank

Makeup | Kelly Stair

Stylist | Joy Gooch

Balloons/helium | Tulsa Balloons

Busines Manager, Tech Support, Balloon Blower Upper, Elevator Operator, Prop Specialist, etc. | Heath Bringham



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