February has been brutal so far on my couples. The last two engagement shoots have both been in the 30’s for the temperature. I am so lucky to have such great couples who work with me to get great shots, even when it’s chilly outside!

It has been overcast in Tulsa for what feels like a week, including most of the day today. At exactly the time that we met to start shooting, the clouds miraculously cleared away. Amazing. It didn’t even feel so bad with the sun out…at least for the first hour of shooting. Melinda, Alan and I hit several of my old favorite and a few new favorite locations in downtown Tulsa. They. Were. So. Much. Fun. If we had this many genuine laughs at the engagement session, I can only imagine what the wedding is going to be like in May. I can’t wait! I was so happy when they opted for the urban style shoot because it fitted them so well. They are seriously one of the most easy-going, laid-back couples that I have the pleasure of photographing. Here are a few of my favorite shots!



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