Cold or windy? Mindy and I debated which condition we would rather shoot in for her and Tyler’s engagement session. We originally scheduled the shoot for Saturday evening. It was a beautiful 62 degrees, but Mother Nature also gave us 35 mph winds. Now, I enjoy hair blowing in the wind…but at some point, it gets excessive. Sunday morning, the forecast included only 12 mph winds, but the temperature was going to start at 34 degrees. Cold or windy? We chose cold. Luckily, the sun was out and it warmed up quickly. We went out to Tyler’s family’s land outside of Meade, Kansas. It was full of fun stuff to shoot around including old fences, trucks, barns…the sort of stuff that is rare around Tulsa is all over western Kansas. Mindy and Tyler were a joy to work with. Mindy’s almost 9-year-old daughter came along for some shots and was making faces at them behind my back in the shots she wasn’t in. She helped me get some super genuine laughs and moments…I might just start bringing her along to every shoot. 🙂 I can’t wait until their wedding in August! Here are a few of my favorite shots!




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