Today was very exciting for me as I finally got to lay out some wildflower seeds in the meadow. Having my own wildflower field to shoot in is something I’ve dreamed about for years…long before we even thought about buying Picturesque Studios. I literally squealed when the seeds came in the mail. American Meadows had many blends to choose from but being my first time, I went with the standard Oklahoma/Texas mix. Heath and I looked up every single flower in this list last night to see what we were in for and, let me tell ya, there are some fancy flowers in here!  I’m a tiny bit nervous though and here’s why…

1. We got started a little bit later than we hoped. We moved out here the end of March, which is generally the prime time to be planting seeds such as this. Although, this year it may not be such a bad thing with all of the cold snaps we’ve been having. Hopefully it’s not too late!

2. I’m not really known for my green thumb. Sure, I can grow a Peace Lily like nobody’s business but I’ve probably killed more house plants than I’ve kept alive. And we won’t even talk about the gardens I’ve tried to grow the last couple years. My problem is generally not watering them enough and the directions for wildflowers specifically say to leave them alone after germination, so I’m hoping they really mean it.

3. I didn’t exactly follow the directions. It talked about raking and/or tilling the soil before seeding. Pshhht. Whatever. They are wildflowers, right?! Mother nature doesn’t till so neither do I. I just made sure to toss them in areas where I could see dirt instead of being covered by leaves.

4. There is chance that it could rain very hard tonight and wash away the seeds. Noooooooooooo! Some rain is just what I need…lots of rain could be very bad.

Cross your fingers…I might need it!


Here’s the cute burlap bag that the seeds came in and the specific types of flowers that are included. I think I might have to keep the bag to decorate the new studio!

Today was perfect for seeding. Let’s hope tonight’s rains aren’t strong enough to wash them away!

Love that Oklahoma red dirt!

Here are a few of the wildflowers that are already growing. They are about to get some new friends!

And here’s the sweet face that was waiting on me when I got back in the house 🙂

Next week, an Interior Design intern will be heading out here to do a consultation on the indoor studio. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling so that I can start meeting with clients and having photo reveal sessions! Stay tuned for more blog posts on the progression of both the indoor and outdoor studios!



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