The Tulsa State Fair only comes around once a year and it’s always a great opportunity for some unique photos. I was thrilled when Vicky and Aaron were up for a fair session! I figured that since it was the last day that there wouldn’t be as many people there. I was very wrong. The place was crowded, chaotic and so loud that I could barely think! It was definitely challenging with so many people to work around but Vicky and Aaron rocked it. Seriously! At one point they had a crowd of people around them yelling, “kiss her!’ They just shrugged their shoulders and kept on posing for me. What a fantastic couple! I so enjoyed getting to know them as we walked around the fair. The wedding in Dallas is going to be so much fun!

I couldn’t have pulled this session off with out Heath and Rachel! Heath was the runner who would gather the next clothing change and meet us at the bathrooms. Rachel was amazing holding my lenses for me and helping with styling. I love my team!

We walked by a group of kids carrying around this bear so Aaron went up and asked them if we could take a couple photos with it. Haha! Vicky just said, “Yep, that’s Aaron. Not afraid to talk to anyone.” So funny!

One last shot from the Farris Wheel!



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