Zoe and Andrew are married!!! I always keep an eye on the weather before a wedding day just to be prepared for anything. When I saw that there was a 40% chance of rain in Dodge City Saturday, I wasn’t too worried. It’s SW Kansas, I thought…it rarely rains there. Well, that 40% chance of rain turned into a torrential downpour with quarter sized hail and the tornado sirens started going off during the formals photos after the ceremony. I thought it was very cool that the pastor mentioned that rain is a blessing on your wedding day during the ceremony. 🙂 Even though the weather was kind of crazy, it ended up working out perfectly for when we had outdoor photos planned. After the storm blew through, the wind died down a bit and it cooled down the temperature. We got some great shots! Here are a few of my favorite getting ready and portraits from the day. Stay tuned tomorrow for the Ceremony & Reception blog post. Click here to view Zoe and Andrew’s engagement session last spring!

I always love thumbing through the guy getting ready photos as this is the only portion of the day that I have no part in. I usually don’t even get to see what the room looks like. I am always blown away with what Heath does with these shots. He said this room had a lot of stuff in it and he found this metal background and set it up by the window for the tux shots. I love the masculine look it gives the grey tuxes. It’s perfect.

The maid of honor putting on her gift from the bride, her sister.

Here are a few portraits we took after the ceremony at the church.

Zoe, you are gorgeous!

The couple met when they worked at Boot Hill in Dodge City where Zoe was a cancan girl and Andrew was a gunslinger. We just had to take a few there. They actually met at this very spot! So adorable!

These last few photos were taken outside the reception hall as the sun set. It was a beautiful evening!



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